I went bikini shopping today for the first time in… well, ever I think. My aim for this summer was to feel happy in a bikini and I can gladly say that I do.

This weight loss journey has taught me a lot about loving myself and my body, and as a result I feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin. I’m about the same size and weight that I was around 3 years ago, but I would never have felt comfortable in a bikini then because I just didn’t feel good about my body.

What I’ve learned over the past year is that I have to love myself and my body now and no matter what. If you have self esteem or body confidence issues, they won’t simply be solved by losing weight; they’re something you have to actively work on. So that’s what I’ve done, and that means I feel comfortable wearing a bikini even though I’m a good 15-20lbs away from a my goal weight.

Part of me was afraid of going bikini shopping because it was kind of a test to see how I really feel about my body, and I was so happy when I got into the changing room and with every swim suit I tried on I just thought ‘wow, this actually looks really nice on me’. A year ago I would have looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. Today I loved it.
I think that’s pretty amazing :)

Tarot Asks
  • The Fool: Something you've always wanted to try
  • The Magician: Something you're very good at
  • The High Priestess: One thing you wish you knew
  • The Empress: A woman you really admire
  • The Emperor: A man you really admire
  • The Hierophant: Something you believe in
  • The Lovers: A person who makes you very happy
  • The Chariot: A prize or award you've won
  • Strength: Something you struggle with
  • The Hermit: Favourite way to spend a day alone
  • The Wheel Of Fortune: Something you wish you could change
  • Justice: A decision you wish you could do over
  • The Hanged Man: A time when you wished someone would listen to you
  • Death: Someone you really miss
  • Temperance: Your ideal day
  • The Devil: Who you talk to when you're dealing with big issues
  • The Tower: Something that changed your life
  • The Star: Someone you consider perfect
  • The Moon: Something you fear
  • The Sun: Your happiest memory
  • Judgement: Your favourite song(s)
  • The World: Your dream job

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So today as a prank I made a sheet music print out of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball but replaced the name with “Christmas Time Meditation” and deleted the words and I’m going to put it in the with church music and see if the pianist notices.

He noticed and I can now add “Yelled at by two priests at once” to my list of accomplishments